Squad Overlord Taylor Swift Throws Lorde A Birthday Party

Taylor Swift Throws Lorde A Birthday Party featureTaylor Swift loves to throw her friends birthday parties. Whether it’s Gigi Hadid or Karlie Kloss, every squad member has to be on the lookout around their birthday. Taylor can even bury the hatchet with Katy Perry and John Mayer long enough to celebrate Drake’s special day. Now, Lorde is the latest person to be on the receiving end of Taylor’s birthday mania.

In a series of Instagram posts, Taylor and Lorde shared pics from the star-studded party Taylor organized on Monday night. Karlie was there, as well as Aziz Ansari and Mae Whitman.

See pics from the party below, plus video of Taylor bringing Lorde her cake as everyone sings.

(Photo credits: Lorde, Taylor Swift, Mae Whitman and Jerry Florence Instagram accounts)

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