Justin Bieber Is Single And Isn’t Interested In A Relationship Anytime Soon

Justin Bieber announces stadium tourJustin Bieber made his 26th appearance to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday with a few announcements. Getting the less important news out of the way, the singer revealed that he is single with no intent to start a relationship anytime soon. If Justin’s past is any indication, expect to see the singer hitting up Hailey Baldwin while he’s bored during his downtime or Sophia Richie.

Justin also announced that he will be going on a stadium tour next year. The singer has already been on the road since early 2016 and is now expected to tour the U.S. again starting August 5 of 2017.

It looks like Justin is trying to beat out Taylor Swift’s “The 1989 Tour” as the highest grossing concert tour.

Watch Justin’s interview and performance of “Cold Water” on “Ellen” below.

(Photo credit: justinbie8er94 Twitter account) 

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  • Liz

    he shouldn’t be in a relationship until he’s taken a long ass break from the lime light and work on himself because right now he’s being a brat and an childish idiot. He’s acting out too much and that’s why he needs to take a break and maybe talk to someone professional and deal with his issues and get some rest. i can’t believe that his team is allowing him to act like he does, it’s not healthy on him or for his career. Soon he won’t have a career when he’s fucking up so much.

  • Siera

    He doesn’t look like Justin. Something inside him isn’t right. He barely smiles :( It’s sad to see that fame has hurt him so much. He should stop for awhile.

  • xa

    as usual must have been scooter’s decision for him to do a tour. he could barely handle this one. he has continuously lost control and acted up on several occasions. the greedy men in suits wanna drain as much money as they can from him! he needs help and a break. needs to take time off and enjoy being young. if they continuously force him to do these tours when he already feels ;lonesome and lost it will be detrimental to his health. he looks exhausted mentally.

  • ti

    He doesn’t look sad. Just bored