Taylor Swift’s 27th Birthday Arrives At The End Of Her Toughest Year Yet

Taylor Swift had the worst 26th year everAfter one hell of a year, Taylor Swift turned 27 on Tuesday. With all of the ups and downs in both her personal and professional life, here’s hoping all of her feuds and faux friends are behind her. From a not-so-peaceful breakup to being exposed by Kim Kardashian-West, here are a few of the reasons why Taylor probably embraced getting older with more enthusiasm than expected.

Breakups, Hookups And Even More Breakups:

Taylor may have started her 26th year of life in a happily committed relationship with Calvin Harris, but soon after their one-year anniversary things quickly fizzled out. After Taylor revealed she helped write “This Is What You Came For,” the DJ put his ex on blast and then “all hell broke loose.”

Not only did Calvin have to give credit to his ex for her contributions to the track, but he also had to see photos of Taylor and her rebound Tom Hiddleston. However, the singer’s relationship with Tom ended just as quickly as it started and the two called it quits due to Taylor’s fear that Tom was just in it for publicity.

With two breakups in one year, hopefully Swifties can expect some breakup anthems on Taylor’s next album.

Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is:

One thing the singer did a lot of during her 26th year was donate. However, there was one donation that had people like Demi Lovato giving her the ultimate feminist side-eye. After news of Kesha’s loss to Sony to free her from her contract, many female artists flocked to Twitter to show their support. Artists like Zedd reached out to the singer and her team to find a way to get her back in the studio.

Then there was Taylor who gave Kesha $250,000 to relieve her of any financial burden, but Demi didn’t think it was a good enough gesture from someone always preaching about women supporting other women. Demi expressed her feelings about “self-proclaimed feminists” and urged them to speak up on issues rather than “throw money” at them.

Taylor The Snake Was Exposed:

One of the biggest feuds in music became a hot topic once again after many thought it was finally over. Taylor and Kanye West seemed to have moved past the 2009 VMA incident in 2015. However, that newly formed friendship ended when Kanye explicitly name dropped Taylor in his song “Famous.” After months of Taylor playing the victim and the rapper admitting that she knew about the lyrics, Kim Kardashian-West released video of Taylor and Kanye on the phone discussing the song. Thus the #KimExposedTaylorParty was born.

The singer’s role in the Kanye’s “Famous” was questioned from that moment on. It even landed her squad member Selena Gomez in hot water after she tried and failed to defend Taylor.

Overall, Taylor had some great accomplishments going into her 27th birthday complete with Grammy Awards under her belt and earning the title of highest-paid musician of 2016. However, the media machine that is Taylor definitely hit a few bumps in the road. As a result, Taylor’s picture-perfect image was tarnished for good.

Can Taylor ever recover from such a disastrous year?

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift Instagram account; Giphy)

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  • Kristianak

    27! Time flies. I remember when Miley was helping her out with her career on Hannah Montana.

    • GentileJewel