#CamilaIsOverParty: Harmonizers Reacts To Fifth Harmony’s Messy Breakup

Camila Cabello is over party-3The battle lines between Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello have been drawn since she left the group and the former group member is not coming out the victor. Soon after the remaining members released a statement revealing that they put up with Camila’s solo crap for too long, many Harmonizers flocked to Twitter to attend the #CamilaIsOverParty.
Camila Cabello is over party-2

While Camila does have some support, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus among Harmonizers that Camila will not be missed. Luckily, the CamilaIsOverParty hashtag is full of memes to dry up all of those Camila tears.

Camila Cabello is over party-1Camila Cabello is over party-4

See more fan reactions to Camila’s Fifth Harmony departure below.

Whose side are you on in the Fifth Harmony vs. Camila war?

(Photo credits: Camila Cabello Instagram account; angela)camello, Bleacheandtone and NoControlProjec Twitter accounts)