A San Francisco Review Is In And Joe Jonas Is No Nick Jonas For DNCE

San Francisco Critic: Joe Jonas Is No Nick Jonas For DNCE FEATUREDNCE’s headlining tour is underway and one of the first reviews is in. Writing for The Mercury News, Jim Harrington shared his thoughts on the group’s gig at The Fillmore, a historic rock venue in San Francisco. The review wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t good either. Joe Jonas might not be pumped about this one.

“DNCE could be the next Maroon 5,” Jim wrote to open his piece. “And that’s only partially meant as a compliment.”

“The quartet boasts a Hot Topic-friendly look, a mostly inoffensive sound and songs that are instantly catchy, yet ultimately forgettable,” he continued. “Their tunes are pretty much the musical equivalent of cotton candy–sticky, sweet and lacking in substance.” Jim said that the fans at the show seemed to love the show despite the band only being “competent, if not exactly memorable.”

In fact, Jim thinks there’s a different Jonas brother who is a little more engaging on stage.

“It was clear from the start that Jonas still has a long way to go as frontman,” he wrote. “He has a decent singing voice–probably the best of the three Jonas Brothers. Yet, he’s nowhere near his most famous brother (Nick Jonas) when it comes to stage presence and charisma.” Jim apparently didn’t catch one of Nick’s lackluster performances during the “Future Now” tour.

But the problem wasn’t entirely laid at Joe’s feet and Jim had some feelings about a certain bassist’s on-stage presence, too. “It doesn’t help matters that his bassist, Cole Whittle (formerly of Semi Precious Weapons), spends so much time hogging the spotlight, putting way too much effort into trying to be colorful and flamboyant,” Jim explained. “He’s a distraction, plain and simple.” Clearly, Jim doesn’t understand the history of the Joe and Cole bromance.

Despite a “bizarrely amusing” opening to the show and their “efficient” set list, the critic seemed most impressed with DNCE’s covers.

Check out a ton of videos from DNCE’s San Francisco show below and decide for yourself. You can read the full review of that show here.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)

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