Keke Palmer To Kate Winslet: “You Know What You Did”

Keke Palmer To Kate Winslet: You Know What You DidKeke Palmer sat down with Steve Harvey on Monday. Steve took the chance to ask Keke about some of her street style, including those patent leather chaps covered in Leonardo DiCaprio’s face. It turns out the roses all over the chaps were more than just a clever reference to the love interest in Leo’s movie, “Titanic.” They were a deliberate way to keep Kate Winslet off of her clothes. That’s because Keke still isn’t over Kate’s character, Rose, letting Leo’s character, Jack, die at the end of the film.

“Everybody in here know that she should’ve got up off that bed and shared it with him,” Keke told Steve. Steve had never seen the film, so Keke explained the scene where, as the ship sinks, Rose floats on a piece of debris. Jack is swimming nearby in freezing water, but Rose doesn’t let him up on her makeshift lifeboat because there isn’t enough room. Keke still isn’t buying it.

“I’m like, ‘Girl, you didn’t think to take turns?'” she asked. “She let him freeze to death before her very eyes. I’ll never get over that scene. It’s been hard to watch a movie of hers since.”

Watch a clip of Keke’s interview about Kate below.

(Photo credit: Steve Harvey YouTube account)

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