Is The Weeknd Dissing Justin Bieber On New Track?

Is The Weeknd's New Song A Diss Track For Justin Bieber?The cold war for Selena Gomez’s heart may have just gotten real. Her new flame, The Weeknd, has put out a new song that has listeners wondering if the track takes shots at her most infamous ex, Justin Bieber. The track, called “Some Way,” is actually from NAV, but The Weeknd is prominently featured throughout the song as he sings about stealing someone’s girl.

“I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me,” he says at the end of the first verse. “She say my fuck and my tongue game a remedy.” The Weeknd goes on in the hook to say, “I just took that chick, and I know you feeling some way.”

It’s still a little ambiguous whether or not The Weeknd is talking about Justin, but NAV takes what might be a more direct shot at Justin. “Haters gonna say this shit is whack,” he raps in his verse, apparently referencing Justin’s recent critique of The Weeknd’s music.

Hear The Weeknd’s song below and decide for yourself if it’s aimed at Justin.

(Photo credits: Justin Bieber and The Weeknd Instagram accounts)

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    Dude, Abel is my platonic love but all this unnecessary “shade” and high profile romance is really unattractive :S Focus on the music, man.