James Franco’s “Secret Weapon” Selena Gomez Can’t Do Much To Help The Reviews For “In Dubious Battle”

Selena Gomez was In Dubious Battle's Secret WeaponSelena Gomez’s new film “In Dubious Battle” officially opened in theaters on Friday and James Franco is calling her the film’s “secret weapon.” The actor directed the 1930s-era film and sat down with Entertainment Tonight to praise the pop star’s talent. “I think Selena is incredibly talented and I don’t know what people think, but it seems to me she hasn’t done tons of movies like this,” he says.

Even with a 23% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 43 on Metacritic, James seems to think Selena brought a little something extra to the table. “I felt like I had a secret weapon, that I knew she was a great actress, that people wouldn’t be expecting her in this and that I could put her in this and she would nail it,”  he brags about Selena’s talent.

James, as well as the rest of the film’s cast, hit the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere on Wednesday night, but Selena was a no-show.

“In Dubious Battle” is in theaters now.

(Photo credit: in_dubiousbattle Instagram account)

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  • thecat61

    Great actress! lmao!!!…that’s why all her movies tanked.

    • javi g

      what about the hotel transilvania movies? and don’t tell me they don’t count. if they don’t count every animated film out there dosen’t count for any actor.

      • thecat61

        Seriously!….an animated movie. I’m sure everyone went to see that movie because they used selena’s voice…it was all her….lol

    • ww

      it doesn’t mean she is not a good actress, all Dakota Faning movies tanked too and she is great. Selena is not on her level of acting, of course, but the only movie that Selena actually got bad reviews for her acting was Getaway. She just sucks at picking scripts

      • thecat61

        Maybe she should go back to Disney.

  • Kristianak

    Selena is practically useless. When will Hollywood understand this? She is horrible in movies can’t act to save her life and her vocals are worse.

    The only thing she is good at is being pretty and taking selfies.

    • bs

      Still she generated more than 50 million revenue with her music.

      • bs

        just with her last album by the way

  • mane

    the reviews say her acting was good but that her hair was too perfect and she was too clean to represent a woman in those conditions