Kendall Jenner Gives Her Bodyguard A Pink Slip Following Robbery

Kendall Jenner gets rid of her bodyguardKendall Jenner is cleaning house after her house was cleaned of almost $200,000 dollars worth of jewelry. TMZ reports that the supermodel has given her bodyguard the boot as a result of the theft.

Investigators have reported that the robbery was an inside job carried out by an uninvited guest at Kendall’s party. According to sources, the guard was posted outside of the house when the incident took place after Kendall left the house for an hour after midnight.

The model recently beefed up her security after a stalker followed her onto her property back in August.

Do you think Kendall was wrong for firing her bodyguard?

(Photo credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)

  • anna

    how is it his fault that SHE decided to have a party?
    how is it his fault that HER friend brought someone she didnt know?
    how is it his fault that SHE has her jewelries out for everyone to see?
    how is it his fault that SHE decided to leave her house in the middle of the party?

    She is so wrong for putting the blame on the bodyguard, everything that happened is all on her since it’s her responsibility to make sure her expensive stuff are hidden or locked away. i would never let my friends into my bedroom because that is not a place for them to be. this family will do anything to look stupid…