Demi Lovato Drops “No Promises” With Cheat Codes And It Sounds Very Familiar

Demi Lovato releases No Promises-3Demi Lovato is officially done with her hiatus and is back to releasing new music with Cheat Codes. The singer and EDM group released their single “No Promises” on Thursday night after teasing the collaboration all week.

Sounding a bit like “Closer,” it seems as if Cheat Codes is attempting to tap into the same success that The Chainsmokers achieved with Halsey. And if the Lovatics have their way, “No Promises” will be even bigger.
Demi Lovato releases No Promises-1Demi Lovato releases No Promises-2Listen to “No Promises” below.

Do you think Demi has a chance for a huge hit with Cheat Codes?

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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  • stop trying…

    when will people understand that a lot of songs sound similar? It’s not a new thing, it’s been going on since the beginning of music! Why can’t people just enjoy a song without trying to find a fault in it and act like every song is stolen from someone else? It’s the same story over all over again every time a new song comes out…yawn…

  • dev__

    yes,this is basic and boring. A bad version of Closer (and Closer isn’t good lol)