Selena Gomez’s Clinginess Pays Off As The Weeknd Makes It Instagram Official

The Weeknd puts Selena Gomez on his gram-2Selena Gomez has clung to The Weeknd long enough to get him to officially claim her on Instagram. The singer shared an intimate photo of himself and his girlfriend in their usual position of Selena hanging all over him kissing the side of his face.

The caption-less picture was reportedly taken at friend’s birthday party on Friday night before being posted early Saturday. Selena has proven she likes to keep her man very close at all times in various photos and The Weeknd’s pic is no different. Too bad Selena won’t be able to see her man’s dedication, because she doesn’t even have the app on her phone.

See The Weeknd’s first Selena photo below.

(Photo credit: SelenaJustinbae Twitter account)

The Weeknd puts Selena Gomez on his gram-1


  • thecat61

    Claim her on instagram, lol…and when they split…he’ll delete them all.

    • yup

      The Weeknd still has that photo of him and Bella when they were in Japan. Hmm, what’s up with that?

      • thecat61

        Did you see it?

        • yup

          He did, it’s still on his Instagram page. Maybe I’m reading into it and he still has it up if they are still friends.

          : ( Man, although it has no effect on my life, I don’t like Abel dating Selena at all! tbh their chemistry is off

          • thecat61

            She’s using him just like she used Bieber.