Did Zendaya Just Confirm Those “Lion King” Casting Rumors?

Did Zendaya Confirm Those Lion King Casting Rumors?Zendaya had her own “Lion King” moment this past weekend when she took her dog, Noon, to a Pride Rock of their own. Zendaya lifted her pup up just like Simba in a video she shared via Instagram.

The imagery is striking as casting rumors are swirling for the new live action remake of “The Lion King” in the works. Zendaya’s fans want her to star opposite Donald Glover as the Nala to his Simba in the re-imagining of the Disney classic. But the movie’s director has someone else in mind for that part. Jon Favreau, who also helmed the recent “Jungle Book” remake, is rumored to be eyeing Beyoncé for the role of Nala.

Watch Zendaya’s video below and see if you think she’s got “Lion King” on the brain.

(Photo credit: Zendaya Instagram account)

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  • yup

    Why would they cast Beyonce after that disaster voice over work she did in “Epic”? I am assuming that if they want to do a Lion King remake, they will animate the characters with CGI and all acting would mostly be voice over work…

    Anyways, I’m tried of these live action Disney remakes cashing from childhood nostalgia of 20 and 30 something year olds…they suck.

    • Guest

      They make money though. Beauty and the Beast has made 977 million worldwide as of Sunday.