Bella Thorne Lands The Role She Was Born To Play In “Bad Influence”

Bella Thorne Lands The Role She Was Born To Play In Bad Influence featureAccording to a new report from Deadline, Bella Thorne has scored a new movie role–and it’s a part she was born to play. Bella will star as a sheltered college boy’s first girlfriend in “Bad Influence.”

According to Deadline, the movie is “about a mother who must risk everything to protect her college-aged son when the first girl he’s ever fallen for (Thorne) turns out to be not just a bad influence, but a deadly one.” Bella just opened up about her newfound rebelliousness in a Harper’s Bazaar cover story. The actress seems like a natural fit for the criminal bad girl role.

Bella will reportedly also have an executive producer credit in the film, which is a Broad Green Pictures production. It’s another sign that Bella’s stepping up her game in front the camera and behind the scenes.

See Bella’s Instagram post about the film below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

Bella Thorne Lands The Role She Was Born To Play In Bad Influence instagram post


  • dev__

    The perfect role for her lol

  • twfan

    Her whole new story seems so fake because she seems to claim this is the real her every year. I’ve watched her growing up and with all her boy toy influences and she seems to mold herself after anyone in her life at that time. Blaming Disney seems so easy to do but she has been away from them for 4 or 5 years now. When she was with Greg at17 and 18, that was the real her too. Whatever happened between them or during that year seems to be the real influence for the new Bella. She seems to be a carbon copy of her sister Dani and that weird guy that’s always with them.

    • guest

      it look Miley years too to find herself and be more free, same thing with Demi and the Jonas brothers, so yeah blaming Disney is the right thing because they are extremely strict on what they allow their stars to do and not do. Joe Jonas wrote a letter about everything. It’s not just Bella that is “acting out”, she is allowed to try new things and experience things while she’s still young like the rest of the stars that has, it’s called life…