Does Miley Cyrus Make An Appearance In “Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2?”

Does Miley Cyrus Make A Secret Appearance In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2?“Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2″ is gearing up to smash box office records with a star-studded cast in a few weeks. That cast apparently includes Miley Cyrus. Lifestyle blogger Sarah Ruhlman attended a press junket for the film this week and stirred up talk by claiming that the “Wrecking Ball” singer gave her voice to a character in the Marvel Universe.

Miley Cyrus In Guardians Of The Galaxy


ScreenRant recapped the interview in question between film director James Gunn and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige:

Kevin Feige: Have you told anyone who Mainframe is?
James Gunn: I haven’t told anyone, yeah. Should we?
James Gunn: Oh I think I actually did. I blew it. I told one person
Kevin Feige: It’ll get out. 

The one person James revealed the secret to could possibly be Dave Bautista, who portrays Drax in the film. The actor seems to have confirmed Miley’s role in an interview with The Huffington Post. “I heard that she’s uncredited and a voice somewhere,” he said. “I know I’ve heard that.”

Fans will find out for sure when the film arrives May 5. For those who haven’t brushed up on their Marvel knowledge, the character Miley is rumored to be playing, Mainframe, is described by the Comic Book Database as “an alternate universe version of Vision from the 31st century who acts alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy. In this future, Mainframe is the chief operating system of an entire planet and controls everything from climate to planetary stability, and when first encountered, the guardian of the shield of Captain America.”

(Photo credits: Miley Cyrus Instagram account and Sarah Ruhlman Twitter account)


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