Normani Kordei Turns Her Pain Over Camila Cabello’s Fans Attacking Her Into A Perfect Score

Normani Kordei receives her second perfect scoreNormani Kordei had another perfect week on “Dancing With The Stars” as she received her second perfect score. The singer performed two dances on Monday night with one being a trio dance with Heather Morris’ old partner Alan Bersten.

Later in the night, Normani performed her most emotional dance since the start of the competition to the song “Freedom,” by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton. “I got bullied like terribly on social media,” Normani begins to open up about the incident when Camila Cabello’s fans attacked her. “There were images, people were calling me the n-word. Yeah it was really ugly,” she added before going into more detail about the images that featured her being hung and beaten.

Normani’s groupmate Lauren Jauregui  posted her feelings about the emotional performance that she was there to console Normani for. “I’ve sat by your side and held you while you cried and felt every ounce of pain you conveyed on that stage tonight and you are just constantly shining and growing through all the bullshit,” Lauren wrote to her Instagram account.

Watch both of Normani’s “DWTS” performances below.

(Photo credit: DWTS Instagram account)

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