Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Talks Miley Cyrus’ Decision To Give Up Weed For Her New Era

Wayne Coyne talks Miley's break from weedBilly Ray Cyrus wasn’t the only person in Miley Cyrus’ life that was impressed with the singer putting the weed down. Flaming Lips lead singer and good friend Wayne Coyne spoke to Billboard recently and touched on Miley’s decision to stop smoking.

“A whole three weeks…. Well, I think Miley likes to be very, ‘This is who I am right now’ and I think it’s probably fair for her to be,” Wayne explained. “I think to her that probably does feel very much like, ‘I could have been something six months ago, and now I’m this,’ and that’s a forceful, creative thing that is not your music — it’s you, it’s your identity, you know?”

The duo have collaborated for Miley’s “Dead Petz” era and have remained good friends since which Wayne says is due to their creativity. “It’s not just the music. She’s like that. She changes her hair. She changes her clothes. She changes — well, what she wants the world to think about,” he said. Now with Miley going through one of her changes, musically, Wayne reveals that the two aren’t collaborating any time soon but there’s still time.

“I’m sure we will again as soon as her stuff calms down.”

Read Wayne’s full Billboard interview here.

(Photo credit: Wayne Coyne Instagram account)


  • thecat61

    Say what!?!

    • Guest

      A multiple Grammy winning singer-songwriter who likes to color outside the lines. I am sure that Miley would like to try that again some time in the future for fun.

      • thecat61

        I know. It just takes me awhile to decipher on what he he says.