After All The Teasing, Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” Video Proves She’s A Real Freak

After All The Teasing, Selena Gomez's Fetish Video Proves She's A Freak featureFor a while there, it looked like Selena Gomez’s fetish was teasing her fans. But like any good dominatrix, all that teasing has finally paid off and the music video for “Fetish” has finally dropped.

In it, Selena is living out her late-’70s aesthetic dreams as the only resident of a creepy deserted suburban neighborhood. Based on a smoking car and a running sprinkler, the abandonment seems recent, and Selena also appears to be living on her own due to the recent departure of everyone else from this idyllic middle American dreamscape.

Alone inside a suburban home, Selena finds the time to spit out gummy bears, eat some soap and use an eyelash curler on her tongue. After dealing with a pretty serious leak in her ceiling during dinner, Selena takes a break from writhing around in her groceries on the floor to visit the world’s spookiest walk-in freezer, where Gucci Mane drops his featured verse.

The visual feels like Selena’s latest attempt to assert herself as a serious, Lorde-style artist. While it maintains some of the tongue-in-cheek humor of the “Bad Liar” video, “Fetish” feels like a much harder attempt at the alt pop dream girl vibes Selena is trying to serve up.

Watch it below.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez VEVO YouTube account)

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  • thecat61


  • yup

    The Weeknd is rubbing off her, which has led to this new direction. I would say it’s more like Lana del Rey than Lorde. It still sucks, though!

  • anonymousunblocked

    i think there’s more that could be done with the peach theme. wanna go deep? white cat eating peach. sexy? selena slowly eating peach with same frame as first video. real life? peaches on vma carpet (you’d need guts to pull that off)

    my only question is, why aren’t music videos 4k now?