Zayn Lived Like A Squatter When He First Moved To Los Angeles

Zayn was a squatter in his own homeZayn revealed some interesting tidbits about his personal life when he recently sat down with Vogue after covering the fashion magazine. The singer answered questions spanning his style icons to his comic book collection, but it’s how he lived when he first moved to Los Angeles that may come as a surprise.

“When I first moved in, I was staying here on a mattress for about six months,” the singer admits. Zayn explained that his reason for living like a squatter was because he liked the minimalist feeling of it. “I didn’t really want to do anything to it. I just liked the way it felt. . . there was nothing to really hold onto.”

A room in his house that wasn’t empty, however, was his studio. “The studio is kind of like what I always envisioned my bedroom to be like as a child, but couldn’t quite ever afford,” Zayn says of the space that is full of stickers, toy figurines and musical equipment.

Watch Zayn’s full interview with Vogue below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)