Cheapskate Kendall Jenner Exposed For Not Tipping Her Bartender

Kendall Jenner Exposed For Stiffing BartenderKendall Jenner was called out for not tipping her bartender during a recent outing in Brooklyn, New York. The bar, Baby’s All Right, subtly put the eldest Jenner sister on blast by sharing a photo of her receipt to its Instagram account on Friday afternoon.

“Don’t forget to tip your bartender :),” the caption reads.

Kendall’s tab, or what’s claimed to be hers, came out to $24 and she signed her name to it while leaving the tip line blank. It’s unclear when Kendall was at the bar and she hasn’t commented on its validity, but she’s recently been spending time bumming around the city with Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

Check out Baby’s All Right’s Kendall-exposing post below and tell us your thoughts.

(Photo credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)

Don’t forget to tip your bartender :)

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  • guest

    Tip the bartender or not that is a place I would never patronize again if they put my tab on the internet. Not exactly a good move when you are trying to get repeat business. Tip or not, you need repeats at a restaurant to pay costs and wages.

    • Kristianak

      24 dollars? In L. A? Wow…. They are definitely gonna miss Kendall’s 24 bucks. Whatever will they do now? Pffft.

      • guest

        Kendall and her failure to tip aside, other potential customers may see that and decide not to go there as they might be afraid of being made fun of on the internet for all to see if they committed some breech of restaurant etiquette. That could hurt the bottom line.

        • Kristianak

          Most grown ups who spend there love the post and know about tipping people as common courtesies. This is good publicity for them. Especially since most adults also hate the Kardashians and their siblings.

        • Antara Chowdhury

          Are you kidding, this was great publicity for them, now tons of people who have never heard of this bar know its name and might decide to check it out. Most people aren’t going to be afraid of being made fun of seeing as how 1) they’re not famous and 2) they know they should tip.

  • thecat61

    Always tip your bartender.

  • adam

    It’s not the first time Kendall has done some shit like this. She is rich as hell and she can afford to tip people. She needs to realize that most people that work at a restaurant/bar are relying on the tip because the employers depend on that tip to make up for the pay they don’t give their employees. They pay them less to make visitors pay the rest. That is how it goes in the restaurant business. This family is pathetic and they all think they are above everyone else.
    This family would never make it in a normal world where they dont make millions for doing nothing!