Ashley Tisdale, Yara Shahidi And More Take To Twitter To Call Out President Trump Following Charlottesville Response

Celebs continue to go off on Trump-1Donald Trump hasn’t even been president of the U.S. for a year and things are not looking good, unless, of course, if you’re a neo-nazi or white nationalist. Those are the two groups of people President Trump seems to support after putting blame for the violent Charlottesville rally on the anti-hate protesters along with the neo-nazi/white supremacists.

“You had people that were very fine people on both sides. Not all those people were neo-Nazis, not all those people were white supremacists,” the president said a day after finally condemning the violent acts that took place in Virginia over the weekend. The comments quickly sparked outrage among the left and right wing side of the political spectrum and had many stars taking to social media to voice their opinions.
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Celebs continue to go off on Trump-3Celebs continue to go off on Trump-5Not only were celebs tweeting their anger towards the president and anyone who harbored hateful feelings, but they also called out those who remained silent. Hailey Baldwin, whose own father was very vocal in his support of Trump, was just one of them.
Celebs continue to go off on Trump-8Hopefully Kendall Jenner’s best friend is calling her father out for his decision to vote for the man contributing to her “disappointment.”

Read more angry tweets from celebs below.

(Photo credits: Ashley Tisdale and Variety Instagram accounts)

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  • thecat61

    He is so unhinged!

  • anonymousunblocked

    the organizer of the ‘unite the right’ rally was a hardcore democrat until november 2016. i wonder why he changed his mind? ( )

    and so gigi, when exactly should the police have stepped in to warn/arrest the protestors, and why didn’t they? and if they shouldn’t have got a permit, when was the local government supposed to intervene (and why didn’t they), and why did the ACLU back a court case (that they won) protecting these protestors? the ACLU – funded by Adele and John Legend among others