Cry Baby Justin Bieber Confronts Paparazzo For Being “Really, Really Mean” To Him

Justin Bieber confronts paparazzoThe power of the Lord compelled Justin Bieber to confront one of the photogs that was present at the time of his recent car accident. While out on a hike in Malibu, the singer spotted the victim’s friend and let him know that he didn’t appreciate how mean the paparazzo was to him.

“You were yelling such profanity and it was really, really mean,” Justin told the cameraman who tried to explain that seeing his friend being hit made him emotional. “If he’s your frien,d you’re trying to see how he’s doing. You’re not worried about me,” Justin said. With a new angel-like softness to his voice, Justin then asked the cameraman to act a little nicer the “next time” he hits some.

“Hopefully there won’t be a next time, right?” the cameraman replied.

Watch the full interaction between Justin and the cameraman below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)