Justin Bieber Hits Twitter Follower Milestone…Too Bad Most Of Them Aren’t Real

Justin Bieber's Twitter Account Surpasses New Fake Follower Milestone featureJustin Bieber has amassed 100 million followers on Twitter. Breaking the 9-digit milestone for Justin keeps him comfortably in second place behind Katy Perry’s 103 million, but still with some wiggle room ahead of former President Barack Obama’s 94 million and Taylor Swift’s 85 million. The news was enough for Twitter to roll out of a special video and custom hashtag to celebrate #100MBeliebers.

But are there actually 100 million fans following Justin? Even without discounting hate follows or people who just want to catch his inevitable Twitter meltdown, it looks like Justin’s numbers have been doctored even more than his bulge in those underwear ads.

Back in 2013, Justin passed Lady Gaga to become the most-followed user on the site with 37.3 million followers. His accomplishment was overshadowed by the fact that more than half of his followers were suspected of being fake bot accounts. According to reports from the assessment site SocialBakers, 53% of Justin’s 2013 followers were suspiciously fake looking.

That percentage actually went up by 2015, when reports about Taylor and Katy having almost two thirds of their follower counts as fake surfaced. According to 2015 numbers from Bot or Not, Justin’s fake followers had increased to 58% of his almost 60 million followers.

Bots apparently continue to keep creeping on Justin, even now. The most recent report from TwitterAudit.com, produced about a month and a half ago, claims that number has gone up even further. Justin quite possibly has 59% fake followers on Twitter, according to the site.

Guess that means it’s really more like 41 million Beliebers.

Check out Twitter’s video for Justin below, plus see TwitterAudit.com’s latest report on his fake followers.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

Justin Bieber's Twitter Account Surpasses New Fake Follower Milestone twitteraudit.com report

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