Fifth Harmony Flounders And Then Flinches On Late-Night Television

Fifth Harmony Flinches on the Late Late showFifth Harmony graced the stage of “The Late Late Show” Tuesday night with its second-rate dance moves. The foursome is continuing to promote its latest efforts of an album after lead singer Camila Cabello left the group.

What seemed to be even more entertaining than the ladies’ performance of “He Like That” was the game of “Flinch” the girl group played. The playful but scary game consisted of James Corden hurling fruit at a clear wall behind which each girl took turns standing. The girls held martinis in their hands and the one who spilled the least amount of liquid after being surprised by the flying produce was crowned the winner.

This is probably the most entertaining the group has ever been. Maybe the foursome should spend more time on game shows and less time performing?

Check out the video of the game and the group’s performance below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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