Niall Horan Announces Album And Releases Another Single, But Does Anyone Even Care?

Niall Horan drops new music and album release date-1Niall Horan had two big announcements for his fans on Thursday: the title of his upcoming album “Flicker” as well as a new single. “Too Much To Ask” was released early Friday morning, and, like Niall’s last two singles, the track is on the slow side.

Labeled as one of Niall’s “favorites on the album,” the new song isn’t as boring as his solo debut “This Town” but will still clearly put his audience to sleep.

“Flicker” is set to arrive October 20.

Check out Niall’s latest musical efforts and see his album cover below.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan Instagram account)

Niall Horan drops new music and album release date-2 Niall Horan drops new music and album release date-3


  • krystal

    Currently its number 1, so obviously some people still do care. This site is trash. I dont even listen to Niall, but all your post has some biased bullshit. Very unprofessional, and infuriating to readers.

  • annie

    um yeah? Millions care! All this site does is trash talk Niall and praises the fucking Kardashians/Jenners. Maybe you should start acting more professional instead of brats. Niall has more sucess than you ever will have. He has all of his singles in top 10 no one else from 1D has that!!