Vanessa Hudgens Continues Her Father’s Legacy With Rattlesnake For Dinner And Bear Grylls

Vanessa Hudgens Carries Her Father's Legacy With Rattlesnake For Dinner And Bear GryllsVanessa Hudgens was Bear Grylls’ latest celebrity guest on his NBC show “Running Wild.” The 28-year-old actress and the famous outdoorsman took on the Sierra Nevada Desert—a decision Vanessa made to honor her late father.

“We would hike a lot and my dad was a fire fighter and he would fight fires in the forest and he told me stories about him being chased by bears and coming face-to-face with rattlesnakes coming out of hibernation,” she said when asked about her motivation for taking part in the show.

With help from Bear, Vanessa had the opportunity to come face-to-face with a rattlesnake just like her father did. The difference, however, is that she was asked to eat it for dinner.

Outside of eating snake, Vanessa also sacrificed her phone to start a fire, collected fly larva and reached the summit of a dormant volcano.

Check out clips below and stream the full episode here.

(Photo credit: Running Wild Twitter account)