Taylor Swift Prefers Hanging Out With Herself Over Spending Time With Her Squad

Taylor Swift Loves Her New Squad Composed Entirely Of Taylor Swift bTaylor Swift rose from the dead to bring the world the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. The petty, shady visual for her return featured an actual resurrection as it breathed new life into the snake queen’s career. While several of the video’s sequences have been picked apart for similarities to other famous vids, behind-the-scenes footage offers some insight into one of the Taylor-heavy shots.

A video about “Taylor Mountain” reveals how the singer and director Joseph Kahn got shots of a few dozen Taylors from different eras all vying for the top of the heap. Platinum blonde Taylor, old-school country Taylor and several different award show Taylors were all present. But because there’s mercifully only one real Taylor, body doubles had to fill in.

See how much Taylor you can handle in the video below.

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift YouTube account)

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