Holy Sh*t! Katy Perry Awaits Vatican Approval To Kick Nuns Out Of A Convent

Holy Shit Katy Perry Awaiting Vatican Approval On Her Attempt To Kick Nuns Out Of A ConventA Los Angeles Superior Court already had to get involved in Katy Perry’s effort to buy a Catholic convent in Los Feliz, California. Katy’s ongoing efforts to purchase the old nunnery have lasted almost two years since she first made an offer to the L.A. Archdiocese. For the most part, the local Archbishop there has been friendly with Katy and her real estate aspirations.

But the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary–the nuns in the convent–have been fighting her every step of the way. They tried to sell the property out from under Katy as she worked things out with the Archbishop because they thought Katy getting the convent would be a “sin.”

The judge ruled against the nuns and Katy’s $14.5 million offer on the property seemed to be going forward, even without any details about whether or not a soul was part of the deal. But unfortunately for Katy, there’s one more devil in the details.

The Hollywood Reporter says the actual Vatican needs to issue and approval on the sale. And before it does, the local Archdiocese has to find a new House of Prayer for the local clergy that still use the Los Feliz location’s holy site.

“Nothing could be submitted to the Vatican until a suitable House of Prayer location is identified,” the archdiocese’s Adrian Alarcon told the Reporter. If the Archbishop really wants Katy’s pay day to come through, he needs to find somewhere for L.A.’s Catholic higher-ups to conduct their prayers and get the Vatican to sign off on it.

It’s unclear if the Catholic leaders there will be more sympathetic to Katy or the nuns.

(Photo credits: Katy Perry and Pope Francis Instagram accounts)

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