Lindsay Lohan Gets The Cold Shoulder From Her Former Co-Stars On #MeanGirlsDay

Lindsay Lohan Uses Mean Girls Day For A Shameless Snapchat Plug While Her Co-Stars Re-Unite featureLindsay Lohan’s favorite holiday is here again. The oft troubled star took a break from her lightweight resurgence in the fashion world to share the image from her smash hit movie “Mean Girls” that includes Tuesday’s date. Lindsay’s character is hopelessly obsessed with the boy who sits in front of her in class, and finally gets a chance to talk to him when he asks what day it is.

Lindsay is apparently still waiting for any contact from her old co-stars, though. Aside from Rachel McAdams, Lindsay was probably the biggest name left out of a video shared by Jonathan Bennett, featuring several “Mean Girls” actors and actresses raising money for victims in Las Vegas. Lacy Chabert, Amanda Seyfried and Daniel Franzese all joined Jonathan for the super fetch campaign.

But Lindsay’s an old pro when it comes to celebrating the film on her own these days. Luckily, she wasn’t dealing with any traumatic finger injuries through the “Mean Girls” party this year. Lindsay did take the almost certain boost in her exposure to hype up her Snapchat, which is apparently listed under “Bella79.”

Her snaps could promise to be entertaining. She hasn’t been back to America in quite some time, but appeared primed to purchase her own island in Dubai. Lindsay posted to Instagram over the weekend that she was on what will soon be “Lohan Island,” a luxury piece of property that’s part of the manmade “The World Islands” development off the coast of the Middle Eastern nation.

If it’s ready by next October, maybe she can invite her old co-stars to her new luxury villa.

See the posts from Lindsay and Jonathan below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

Lindsay Lohan Uses Mean Girls Day For A Shameless Snapchat Plug While Her Co-Stars Re-Unite ll instagram post


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