Miley Cyrus Explains Why She’s Better Than Artists Like Justin Bieber Who Lip Sync

Miley Cyrus Explains Why She's Better Than Artists Who Lip Sync featureMiley Cyrus recently sat down with Howard Stern for a long chat. It was her first interview with the infamous talk show host, and Howard really wanted to get to know Miley. In the process, she revealed why she’s thinks she’s better than other stars when Howard asked her about other singers who lip sync.

“My priorities are different than these artists that go and push play. Or these artists that just want to get their picture taken somewhere,” she explained. “If someone just wants to listen to my music and listen to my lyrics, that’s enough for me.”

Notoriety is either a cherry on top or a side effect for Miley: “Fame comes with being able to have your albums be heard,” she said. “It really helps that I have this amazing platform and I have so many fans.” But Miley also made it sound like she’d drop all of it in a heartbeat, though.

“I would do it with the mask on,” she said of her dreams to be an anonymous singer. For Miley, it’s all about the music: “I cannot help but write songs.”

Luckily for Miley, she won’t have to worry about lip syncing, having her picture taken or putting her face out there too much. Despite the fact that she just dropped a new album, Miley is not going on tour.

Miley might’ve seen some artists struggling to finish their tours. She might’ve seen others struggling to start theirs. But she didn’t hint whether or not any of that impacted her decision not to go on the road.

“Literally the only reason I’m not touring is because of those fucking pigs,” she said. Miley has a couple of pet pigs and they clearly need a lot of attention. According to Miley, it’s enough to stop her from a “Younger Now” tour: “That’s how much I love those pigs.”

Hear more performances from Miley on Howard’s show below, including the cover of “Wildflowers” she offered as a tribute to Tom Petty.

(Photo credit: Stern Show Instagram account)

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