Underwhelming Pop Star Nick Jonas Preps For His Shows With Prayers And Push-Ups

Holy Shoulders Nick Jonas Gets Ready For Shows With Prayers And Push-Ups featureNick Jonas stopped by the confusing new “TRL” reboot for a quick chat and a performance of his new song, “Find You.” The singer refused to name which songs he had written out of love and stuck to the official line about the good times on the “Jumanji” set. Yawn.

He also dished on his pre-show ritual: “I say a prayer, get right mentally, do a couple push-ups,” Nick said. That’s no surprise given the state of Nick’s shoulders.

He also shared a little more about getting high at Coachella and writing his new single after an intense rave session.

Check out Nick’s interviews and his performance below.

(Photo credit: “TRL” YouTube account)

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