Charlie Puth Puts His Own Cheating Ways On Blast With New Single

Charlie Puth Blasts His Own Cheating Ways In New SingleCharlie Puth is nowhere near done trying to get someone’s “Attention” and the proof is in the pudding of his new single “How Long.” On the track, Charlie seems to confront his own mistakes by exposing himself as a cheater. The lyrics come from the perspective of a girl wanting to know “How Long” he’s been “creeping” behind her back.

“I was drunk, I was gone,” Charlie sings. “That don’t make it right, but promise there were no feelings involved.”

For most of the world, Charlie’s confession might come as a surprise considering his messy situationship with Bella Thorne. Some might be wondering how Charlie could actually be singing about his own cheating after he felt the same burn from the young actress earlier this year.

“For a while there, I was getting too crazy. I touch on that on the album coming out this year,” Charlie recently said in an interview. “I was dating all of these different women.”

Perhaps one of those women felt the heat of a vengeful, post-Bella Charlie.

Listen to “How Long” below.

(Photo credit: Charlie Puth Instagram account)