Niall Horan Is Glad Life Has Slowed Down Since His Time In One Direction

Kids These Days Niall Horan Is Glad Life Has Slowed Down Since His Time In One DirectionNiall Horan is making a career out of taking it easy. That’s good news given that his debut solo album out Friday is already being overshadowed by singles from Taylor Swift and Liam Payne. In a new interview, Niall dishes on just how much of a relief it is to be done with the madness of One Direction and on to his mellow mindset.

“It’s definitely died down,” Niall says of his life after 1D. “We were all just knackered by the end. The break came at the right time because I really needed to just chill out for a while.”

“I’ve lived in a world for the past six years where it’s jets and five-star hotels, and it wasn’t ‘me’ before, so it’s nice,” Niall explains. His current life of golf and acoustic guitars seems much more laid back. It’s good news for Niall, even though he made it sound like he missed the chance to his wild oats.

“When you’re 19, you don’t want to be stuck inside. You want to be out and see wherever we were and we just couldn’t,” he says. “If I wanted to go shopping in the afternoon, I’d have to think about what time kids finished school, and I’d probably end up staying at home and watching TV.”

“Now I can do normal stuff, like playing five-a-side on a Thursday and just getting to know London a bit more and using the Tube,” Niall explains. Despite his love of life as a normal person now, he remained the only member of 1D willing to talk about the boy band’s inevitable reunion. Niall said the group would “be stupid not to” reunite.

Read Niall’s entire interview here.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan Instagram account)

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