You Won’t Believe Which Of Kesha’s Songs Bring Her To Tears

Kesha Reveals Which Of Her Songs Maker Her Cry During Live Lounge Gig featureKesha was on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Wednesday, dishing on her new music and her tour dreams. The singer performed her song “Learn To Let Go” as she discussed the feelings behind some of her emotionally charged new songs.

Kesha gave a more steady performance of “Learn To Let Go” and said this of the song: “It’s like a pop song and I am well aware that it’s a pop song, but I think the subject matter is actually me talking to myself about [letting] go of the stuff in your past that doesn’t do positive things for you anymore.”

“That one’s just a really special, weird song because the way it came together, too, when I wrote it with my mom and a friend,” she shared. “And the whole making of it was bizarre and very serendipitous and really kind of therapeutic, so it’s a special song to me.”

It isn’t the only song that gets Kesha emotional when she performs it. She said that quite a few of the tracks off her new album “Rainbow” make her misty-eyed.

“A lot of the slow ones can make me cry,” she said. “Any of the slow ones can make me cry! Even some of the fast ones can make me cry. I’m very emotional!”

Kesha also performed a cover of Marshmello’s track “Silence” featuring Khalid. The emotional entry would’ve fit right in on her latest release.

Check out photos of Kesha in the Live Lounge below.

(Photo credit: BBC Radio 1 Instagram account)

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