Gregg Sulkin’s Ridiculously Good Looks Prevent Him From Getting Acting Work

Gregg Sulkins Ridiculously Good Looks Prevent Him From Getting Acting Work featureGregg Sulkin has a bonafide hit on his hands with original Hulu series “Marvel’s Runaways.” While the brooding actor is known the world over for his physique and good looks—apart from his lapse in judgment better known as ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne—he refuses to rely on them to make moves in the entertainment industry. In a recent interview with Zach Sang, Gregg admits that his looks have even made him lose out on acting opportunities.

“You know what, that’s actually been the biggest struggle for me,” Gregg revealed. “I get told a lot that my look, I can’t play certain roles because of my look. Which is very frustrating because sometimes people don’t have the imagination to think outside the box.”

Gregg isn’t keen to rest on pretty. He is hungry for roles that push him out of what is expected of him and outside of his comfort zone.

“I would love to play some really cool roles like I’ve always wanted to play a gangster or a homeless person or something completely different or out of the element but obviously finding those opportunities is hard and thats why and I do believe you have to create your own opportunities in this town,” he explained.

Watch Gregg’s complete interview, during which he also discusses his current relationship with Bella, below.

(Photo credit: greggsulkincom Twitter account)