Welcome To America: The Members Of BTS Gets Fruit Hurled At Them On “The Late Late Show”

Welcome To America: BTS Gets Fruit Hurled At Them On The Late Late Show featureBTS made another stop on its American invasion tour on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” Thursday night. The seven-man boy band had to take shifts playing James’ favorite game, “Flinch.” The K-pop superstars had to do their best not to get intimidated as fruit launched out of the a cannon right at them, with only a piece of glass standing in the way.

Jungkook and V faired the best at the game; V didn’t even move. Jin struggled while J-Hope flinched so hard that he ended up on the floor. RN and Jimin couldn’t hang with Suga, who went in for a close-up on the fruity carnage.

The group also performed its hit song “DNA” on the show. It was another successful TV spot, this time without any scandalous interview answers.

How do you think BTS is faring on American TV?

(Photo credit: “The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube account)

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