Dylan Sprouse Has Only Seen One Episode Of His Twin Brother’s Series “Riverdale”

Dylan Sprouse Has Only Seen One Episode Of His Brothers Series Riverdale featureDylan Sprouse and his twin brother Cole Sprouse have been working in the entertainment industry since they were eight months. The two have taken separate career paths as adults—Cole making the move to conquer television and Dylan making the leap into film. And though they remain as close as ever, Dylan doesn’t appear to be well-versed in Cole’s latest screen projects.

Dylan recently chatted with Indiwire about his film “Dismissed” and life after Disney. Naturally, the conversation shifted to include discussion about his twin.

“We both have been lucky enough to be actually successful in the things that we have strived to do,” Dylan says about his brother. “But I think for us these last couple of years have really been an exploration of not only who we are as people, but also who we are as individuals outside of each other, and I think we’re really comfortable with that. The only thing that kind of stinks is that it generally means that we’re away from each other for long periods of time and we’re both very close so it’s very hard with him living in Vancouver year round and not seeing him very much. When we do reunite and hang out, it’s very nice.”

Dylan is admittedly “not a big TV guy,” but confesses to watching at least one episode of Cole’s hit CW series “Revierdale.” “Don’t tell my brother,” he jokes.

Read Dylan’s complete interview with Indiwire here. Check out the official trailer for “Dismissed” below.

(Photo credit: Interview Magazine Twitter account)

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