Survival Of The Fiercest: Fifth Harmony Is Flopping Without Camila Cabello

Shady Or Just Stuck In Her Shadow Fifth Harmony Is Flopping Without Camila Cabello featureIt’s been a year since Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony split up. The messy departure of the group’s most notable member left doubts about whether or not 5H would survive, let alone thrive, as a four-piece girl group with the Beyoncé to its Destiny’s Child out doing her own thing.

The group’s remaining members have done their best to hold things together while having a laugh at Camila’s expense here and there. But even the shake-up brought on by her departure couldn’t help the group overcome shaky on-stage synchronization and a style team that hates them. While some of the group’s post-Camila numbers seem just as good, the sales figures aren’t exactly rosy.

“7/27,” the group’s last album as a quintet, and “Fifth Harmony,” the group’s first album as a quartet, both peaked at number four in their debut weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. While a top-five debut might seem like great news given concerns about the group’s future, it’s the only “Fifth Harmony” figure that was able to keep up with “7/27.”

“7/27″ spent 40 weeks on the chart. The self-titled follow-up spent four. Actual sales figures for the pre- and post-Camila albums are just as troubling. According to a Billboard report, “Fifth Harmony” moved 46,000 album-equivalent units its debut week, 32,000 of which were traditional album sales. That’s not that close to the “7/27″ debut, which notched 74,000 units with 49,000 coming in traditional sales.

And the group’s singles haven’t fared any better.

“7/27″ produced three Hot 100 hits, the same as the group’s previous album “Reflections.” “Fifth Harmony” produced only one, the aptly titled lead single “Down.” The track spent only 10 weeks on the chart. That’s not much compared to 34 for “Work From Home,” the group’s best performing single of all time, which was on “7/27.”

5H has been more than willing to throw plenty of shade for its former member, but is behind Camila in almost every metric, from Twitter followers to YouTube views. It’s a bleak outlook for the group, and one the members appear to have taken notice of. It looks like all four have at least one eye on the future as solo entertainers.

Lauren Jauregui has certainly been keeping busy with her new music when she’s not tweeting at the President. Normani Kordei secured new solo management this year after her impressive campaign on “Dancing With The Stars.” Ally Brooke Hernandez is getting her toes wet in Hollywood while Dinah Jane Hansen is on her way to national treasure status in her homeland.

Now, Camila’s debut solo album is just around the corner. Fans are certain that at least one song on the upcoming release will be a 5H takedown, but could Camila be beating a dead horse?

Shady Or Just Stuck In Her Shadow Fifth Harmony Is Flopping Without Camila Cabello ally brooke instagram postWhether through genuine affection for each other or spite for Camila, Fifth Harmony has somehow survived 2017. Unless the group can start to turn out more certifiable hits, we might really have another One Direction on our hands by the end of 2018, albeit without as many number-one debuts.

And if all five young women are competing for their own space on the charts, it’s probably not going to make things any less shady.

Do you think Fifth Harmony will last another year?

(Photo credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)

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    They will break up soon.

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    Your posts are so trash and sexist, and you’re always slandering people (especially women). And I suggest: Camila Cabello problematic behaviors + New informations emerge