Nick Jonas’ Golden Globe-Nominated “Home” Almost Never Happened

Drama King Nick Jonas Didn't Think He Could Write His Golden Globe-Nominated HomeNick Jonas’ big moment of validation in the entertainment industry almost didn’t happen. The part-time singer linked up with GoldDerby to, yet again, unpack his exciting Golden Globe nomination and he reveals just how challenging it was to write “Home.” In fact, Nick admits to reaching a point where he didn’t think he could complete the song.

“It’s one of the first times I’ve been given an assignment where I’ve been told, ‘We need you to write a song that sounds like this, has this emotion, touches on some of these key story points, but it also doesn’t have to be any of those things,'” Nick says.

The homework assignment aspect Nick explains as making the nomination even more special seemed to hinder the creative process. The Golden Globe-nominated songwriter admits to getting to a point where he thought he couldn’t follow through.

“There was a moment where I thought I maybe can’t do this,” Nick reveals. “So much of my creative process depends on my personal life and just writing about whatever I feel like that day. But with this, each session that I went into to collaborate on the song, I just didn’t feel I was getting it.”

What finally pushed Nick in the right direction was reaching a “point of frustration” and taking a minute to chat with Justin Tranter.

“We started talking about what home means to us,” Nick recalls. “Home is everything from your family to your loved ones to the place you come from to your favorite food. Home is the place you feel you belong.”

We can only wonder if it was this difficult penning the Jonas Brothers song Nick hates.

Watch Nick’s interview below and hear about how “Home” came to be and his thoughts on the big nomination for the millionth time.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)

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