DNCE Is Back And Wants You To “Dance”

DNCE Is Back And Wants You To Dance featureDNCE may seem like a distant memory, but the band is back with a surprise new single. Announced just before it dropped, the band’s new song “Dance” is the kind of catchy, sugary jam the group originally made its name on. While there might have been doubts about their future, all four members of the group reunited for the new track.

Predictably uptempo and infectious, the track is all about one thing: getting someone to dance with the singer. Joe Jonas might have used a smoother line to get Sophie Turner to marry him, but now he’s got the perfectly inoffensive track for Nick Jonas to meet someone at that winter wonderland wedding.

Joe, JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless all got out in front of promo for the new track, but Cole Whittle has been conspicuously quiet about the release. One can only wonder what he might be planning to promote the new song.

At least the group finally found that “A” it’s been looking for.

(Photo credit: Tidal Twitter account)

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