Kylie Jenner Drops $2K On A Fan’s Birthday Gift

Kylie Jenner Drops 2,000 On A Fan's Birthday GiftKylie Jenner recently went a little overboard with her generosity. The beauty mogul showered one longtime fan Johnny Cyrus with an extravagant 21st birthday present.

Taking to Instagram, Johnny showed off the gift from Kylie. It was a Louis Vuitton backpack that rings up just over $2,000.

“Thank you @kyliejenner for the amazing birthday gift,” he wrote alongside a photo. “It means so much to me!”

Naturally, Kylie liked the photograph to prove she purchased the gift. Jealous fans can be comforted by the fact that Johnny always goes above and beyond the call of Kylie-worship duty. He’s almost always first in line at any and every event, he owns a boat load of her products and he even has a tattoo sleeve dedicated to Kylie.

Superfan or not, the gift seems a bit excessive.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

Thank you @kyliejenner for the amazing birthday gift ❤️ it means so much to me!

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