Grayson Dolan Just Learned What Happens When You Insult The K-Pop Industry

Grayson Dolan apologizes for kpop insult-1Grayson Dolan was on the receiving end of backlash on Tuesday after making what is believed to be an insensitive comment. The incident happenedwhen Grayson pretended to pass out during anappearance in YouTube vlogger Emma Chamberlain’s vlog and jokingly said it was like K-Pop.

If the youngest Dolan twin didn’t know that being on the receiving end of K-pop hate is the worst, then he definitely learned last night. “LMFAO grayson dolan joked about K-pop idols being overworked leading to them passing out .shut ur bicycle seat looking ass up,” on K-Pop fan wrote.
Grayson Dolan apologizes for kpop insult-2It didn’t take long for Grayson to realize his mistake and he quickly tried to remedy the situation by apologizing for the joke. “I was bringing awareness to the disgusting part of the industry that overworks people to the point of exhaustion,” he explained. “I love Kpop. If my tone seemed off putting, sorry, that was the sarcastic mood of the video.”
Grayson Dolan apologizes for kpop insult-5While Grayson’s apology does seem genuine, critics continued to call him out on it prompting the vlogger to try apologizing one more time.Grayson Dolan apologizes for kpop insult-4

Grayson Dolan apologizes for kpop insult-3Watch the clip that pissed of the whole K-pop community below.

(Photo credit: Grayson Dolan Instagram account)