Ethan Dolan And Grayson Dolan Swapped Lives For 24 Hours

The Dolan Twins trade lives for a dayIdentical twins Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan decided to switch lives for a day. The two did more than trade earrings, they also tried out each other’s nighttime routines and even took over each other’s social media accounts.

Things hit a snag when the brother’s realized that they didn’t have fresh toothbrushes available. While Grayson (actually Ethan) chose a more hygienic route by using a Q-Tip, Ethan (actually Grayson) brushed his teeth with his brother’s toothbrush.

The struggle continued into the morning when Ethan had to fulfill Grayson’s morning workout routine. Grayson seems to be the more adult figure of the house as a lot of his routine includes housework and doing the grocery shopping.

To end their day as each other, Ethan and Grayson decided to get tattoos that one would typically find on the other’s body.

Watch the full video below.

(Photo credit: Ethan Dolan Instagram account)