Noah Cyrus Drops ‘Good Cry’ EP

Noah Cyrus Good CryToday, Noah Cyrus dropped her new EP Good Cry. While her emo-inspired merch sale may unfortunately be getting more attention this morning than the EP release, itself, a quick listen to the EP shows that most of the tracks feature a more mature and polished Noah performing over mostly down-tempo soundscapes.

Some listeners might feel that the majority of the songs sound almost a little too polished and packaged in order to fit the new emo image Noah has been trying to promote. But we are guessing that her fans will likely be pretty happy with the overall effort.

On the other hand, Miley’s little sister may have to see whether new listeners can get past her trying to push her $60 “sadness” hoodies and $12,000 bottles of “Noah tears,” if she is hoping that the EP is able to broaden her reach to a wider audience. It will be interesting to see how receptive that wider audience is to Noah’s new music.

For those interested in streaming Noah’s EP, we have the Spotify link below. We also have official audio-only Youtube files for several of Good Cry‘s tracks for those who don’t have a Spotify account.


(Image source: Noah Instagram account)