Charli XCX Tells What Its Really Like Working on Tour with “Tay Tay”

Charli XCX The ProjectCharli XCX made an appearance on Australia’s network news television show, The Project, and spoke about what it has really been like working with Taylor Swift on tour. Charli is currently in Australia as Taylor’s supporting act for the Australian leg of the Reputation Tour; she previously shared those duties with Camila Cabello on the North American portion of the tour.

In her interview, Charli shared a number of interesting insights about working on the road with “Tay Tay:” 

  • Charli said that since she’s not a dancer, she had to drink half of a bottle of champaign prior to her first performance of “Shake It Off” just to get through it with Taylor and Camila.
  • She admitted that she uses autotune on stage when she sings (no word on if that’s true for Taylor …).
  • She likes to party to her own songs, but refuses to sing any other pop songs at parties or Karaoke; she won’t even sing “Happy Birthday” because “it could go wrong and then people will be like, ‘she’s rubbish!'”
  • She has learned that “Tay Tay fans are ‘cray cray’ — and they know how to party.”

She also mentioned that she first met Troye Sivan, her collaborator on her current single “1999,” randomly at a house party that she threw at her home in Los Angeles. It must have been quite a blow-out, because at that same party, 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin apparently cut down a tree in her garden with a saw. And Charli didn’t even know about it till the next day …

You can check out the full interview with Charli below.

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