“Makes Me Want to Cry:” Brandi Cyrus Feels “Helpless” About Loss of Sister Miley Cyrus’ Home

Brandi Cyrus 1US Weekly got an exclusive interview with Brandi Cyrus, who shared details about the tragic loss of the home that her sister Miley Cyrus shared with fiance Liam Hemsworth. As reported earlier, Miley’s beloved Malibu home was reduced to ash and rubble by the massive Woolsey wildfire, one of the most destructive to have ever hit Southern California.

Asked about Miley and Liam’s loss, Brandi said “It always makes me want to cry.” Then she added 

It was hard for me because I was in Denver at the time and it was, like, snowing outside, and then there’s these people in these fires. It, like, just doesn’t seem real.”

She also said that it was super hard for Miley, basically confirming rumors that her sister has been away working on a film project this week in South Africa. Tbe sisters apparently shared the same sense of feeling “helpless” –

[U]nfortunately, Miley is halfway across the world working right now, so for her, she’s probably feeling the worst of it because she feels so helpless from so far away.”

But she praised Liam for his being able to save the couple’s animals, because it was a much bigger job than saving a few house pets, as Miley and Liam kept more than a dozen animals at their property, including some farm animals:

We were just so lucky that Liam was home and able to get all the animals out — he had just enough time to do that — and it’s not just, like, piling dogs in a truck … We have two huge pigs out there and mini horses, and that was the first priority was to get them out and we did, and it’s been a super sad time and I don’t think it was until Liam posted the photo with the ‘LOVE’ letters and the rubbish that it really hits you.””

Brandi reminded people that Miley and Liam do have another house that the can go to, but mentioned the couple’s continued commitment to the Malibu community that they have learned to love.

They’re fortunate enough that they have another house to live in, so they’re trying to help raise money for all the people that don’t through the Malibu Foundation … it really is a special place [to them.”

You can check out Brandi’s full interview here.

(Image source: Brandi Cyrus Instagram account)

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