Billie Eilish Releases Haunting, Intimate Holiday Song “Come Out and Play”

Billie Eilish Share Your GiftsEarlier today, pop’s offbeat rebel / new emo queen / possible savior Billie Eilish shared an unusual holiday single, “Come Out and Play.” The song definitely has dark and haunting undertones, and there are moments where one wonders if it will veer off the rails into something truly strange. But, somehow, “Come Out and Play” ultimately unfolds into a warm and intimate ballad that encourages human expression.

The song will get an unexpected push during the holiday season. Apple has chosen it to be the soundtrack for its animated “Share Your Gifts” holiday advertising campaign.

You can check out Billie’s new Christmas song below. Below the cut, you can also watch one of the just-released videos for Apple’s holiday ad campaign that uses “Come Out and Play” as its soundtrack. 

(Image source: Youtube)