Ariana Grande Gets Accused of “Milking” Mac Miller’s Death for Sympathy But Halsey Defends Her

Halsey Ariana GrandeLast Thursday, Ariana Grande posted a throwback pic of herself and her now deceased ex Mac Miller from a previous Thanksgiving when the two were still a couple. Mac had died of an accidental overdose back in September at the age of 26. One commenter, though, was unhappy with the latest post from Ariana about Mac and wrote “She milkin this s**t bruh.”

Yesterday, Ariana seemed depressed by the comment but ultimately tried to take the high road in responding to her critic –  

But pop singer Halsey was having none of it. She jumped into the dialogue to defend Ariana and also deliver a more direct message to the person who accused Ariana of “milkin” the situation.

And Ari showed her appreciation back to Halsey.

(Image source: Halsey and Ariana Grande Instagram accounts)