Bad at Love? Halsey More or Less Confirms She’s Seeing British Bad Boy Punk Rocker Yungblud

Halsey Yungblud 2We have reported on the rumors before. But Halsey seemed to ring out the old G-Eazy era and usher in the new when she posted a second Instagram snap of herself with controversial English punk rocker Yungblud in the last month.

Halsey’s latest post was less ambiguous than Yungblud’s previous appearance on her feed. This most recent post by Halsey shows a shot of the two walking through London’s artsy Camden neighborhood with Yungblud’s arm around her. She captioned the pic “camden: now with a cuter filter,” punctuating the message with a black heart emoji. Yungblud is identifiable from behind by his signature haircut and pink socks.

Back on December 7th, Halsey posted her first pic of the pair together. That photo was less clearly romantic, though Yungblud did have his chin on Halsey’s shoulder … while holding a can of Pistonhead Lager up in the air. Yungblud has also appeared among the commenters on Halsey’s Twitter feed.

On the surface, the two do have a number of things in common. Both are obviously musicians, and both have used their platforms to be strong proponents of LGBTQ rights and gender equality. Both have stepped up to support progressive political causes, though Yungblud’s music is a lot more directly political than most of Halsey’s.

Both like incorporating some gender-bending elements to their performances and their looks. And both say they had teen obsessions hip hop and punk rock, with Yungblud obviously allowing those obsessions to more directly influence his current work more than Halsey.

But many of Halsey’s fans have been concerned that she seems to have gone from one performing artist with a notorious reputation as a partier to another However, partying aside, Yungblud — who’s real name is Dominic Harrison — at least does not have G-Eazy’s additional reputation as a serial womanizer.

On the other hand, Yungblud’s partying has led to a personal reputation as someone who has at times seemed out of control. Yungblud has claimed in interviews with the press that this is primarily because of his high energy level and diagnosed ADHD. But rumors suggest that large amounts of alcohol have also seemed to be involved.

Another concern that some have is that Yungblud is very young, having just turned 20 years old. Still, the actual age difference between the two is not that great considering the fact that Halsey is only 24. The real question is not so much about the age gap as it is about Yungblud’s maturity.

Regardless of fan’s concerns, Halsey seems to have turned a new relationship page … with another bad boy musician. Only time will tell how this one will work out.

We have Halsey’s Instagram posts with Yungblud below.

(Image sources: Halsey and Yungblud Instagram accounts)

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camden: now with a cuter filter

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rock n roll star. @yungblud ❤️ : @nathangroff

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