A New “Taki Taki” Video? Selena Gomez’s Hair Is Still Luxurious in Pantene’s Latest Latin American Promotional TV Spot

Selena Gomez PantenePantene just released an new video advertising campaign for television across Latin America. Selena Gomez remains Pantene’s featured golden girl … and her hair looks just as luxurious as ever.

In this latest campaign, Selena can be seen dancing as she goes about her day. In the background, Selena’s collaboration with DJ Snake, “Taki Taki,” plays throughout the video. Honestly, the entire promotional spot seems more like a music visual than a shampoo commercial.

In addition to showing the usual soft-focus shots of Selena twirling around a lot, the ad also mixes in various flash cuts of younger girls showing off their own luxurious hair. The obvious suggestion is that if you use Pantene products when you are young, you might one day grow up to be Selena …

You can check out Selena dancing and twirling and fluffing in the extended promotional spot below.  

(Image source: Youtube)