Troye Sivan Continues Project of Making Gay Love Understandable to the Mainstream in Video for “Lucky Strike”

Troye Sivan Lucky StrikeTroye Sivan’s video for “Lucky Strike” is unapologetically about a summer crush between two men. It does not shy away from the implied meanings in the song’s lyrics, and Troye walks a fine line between being dramatic and being humorous in playing a love struck young man crushing on a beach-boy hunk.

Of course, it’s hardly the first video to show gay male attraction. But there is also something a little revolutionary about Troye’s bright and colorful video. When Troye gets up and does his admittedly awkward dancing in front of a mixed group of everyday people on the beach, there is something subtle and subversive happening. Namely, without preaching, Troye is inviting everyone to sing along to this ode to boy-on-boy love.  

It is almost as if Troye is saying to a mainstream or mixed audience that he is writing about a subject personal to him in a gay voice — but he is offering the song and its story to anyone who wants to enjoy a little bop. And he does hope everyone gets up to dance …

Still, Troye is clear about one thing: he’s offering the bop on his own terms, making something universal without overgeneralizing or editing out the gay elements. Part of how he accomplishes this is by keeping the video light and playful. Troye is winking at everyone, letting them know they should not to take a song about a summer crush all that seriously. Even if, down deep, there is something quite serious about Troye’s whole project.

You can check out the video for Troye’s song below.

(Image source: Youtube)